Reflecting on 2016

I know that most people have already made these posts, given that it’s already past January! However, I just wanted to publish this in my new blog!

Honestly, 2016 was an amazing year for me. Sure, some things happened that could’ve gone better or that could’ve just not happened at all, but most of the year was great. Looking back on the milestones and events that occurred, I am just so proud of myself and I hope that 2017 can hold some great new adventures, as well!

2016 Milestones

⇾ I turned 19! My cake had monster-shaped candles, which were super cool.

⇾ I cored a tree for the first time in my forestry class.

⇾ I joined the GLBT Advocate Staff Program.

⇾ I switched to cruelty-free products.

⇾ I ate a lot of really great food, including some wonderful brunch dates with my roommate, Margaret!

⇾ I went on my first weekend away with my boyfriend, Ayush, to Morehead City, North Carolina, where we originally started dating in April of 2011.

⇾ I saw firsthand how beautiful and terrifying hurricanes and tornadoes could be.

⇾ I donated over 12″ of my hair and dyed the rest bright purple.

⇾ I went to a trampoline park for the first time in years!

⇾ I went to NC State’s Holi festival.

⇾ I survived my first 5k! (Just barely, considering I got to the end of the race and collapsed onto the ground for about 30 minutes!)

⇾ I had a snowcone flavored with Butterfly Kiss, Dinosaur, and Pimp Juice syrups!

⇾ I saw the July 4th fireworks with my boyfriend and his family in Raleigh, North Carolina.

⇾ I got into a regular exercise routine, until I hurt my back in physical therapy.

⇾ I voted in my first presidential election.

⇾ I had a beautiful baby squash with Margaret, which was actually kind of tasty until I dropped the container of leftovers all over the kitchen floor.

⇾ I rode ferris wheels and carousels at the NC State Fair with Ayush!

⇾ I networked and built my resume through interviews and career fairs.

⇾ I changed majors from Paper Science and Engineering to Natural Resources Policy and Administration. I am so much happier now!

⇾ I visited the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens for the second year in a row with Ayush.

⇾ I joined and became the President of the Allies for Students with Disabilities. I worked with several classes on panels and with the University of Washington.

⇾ I had laparoscopic surgery and found out that I do not have cancer or endometriosis!

⇾ I found out that I have a “beautiful spine,” by orthopedic standards!

⇾ I made a really great pecan pie and saved Thanksgiving (you’re welcome, family).

⇾ I met a lot of great people that I had amazing adventures with. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

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