⇾ North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina

Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resources Policy and Administration
Minor in Social Work
GPA: 3.005 / 4.000
Expected Graduation: December 2018

⇾ Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina

Studied General Science towards an Associate in Science
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member
GPA: 3.408 / 4.000
August 2013 – May 2015

Relevant Science Coursework

⇾ Communication for Science and Research
⇾ Ecology
⇾ Introduction to Forest Science
⇾ Natural Resources Management
⇾ Natural Resources Measurements
⇾ Physical Geology
⇾ Soil Science

Relevant Humanities Coursework

⇾ American Politics and Government
⇾ Child Welfare
⇾ Introduction to Public Administration
⇾ Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice
⇾ Public Speaking
⇾ State and Local Government
⇾ Social Welfare Policy: Analysis and Advocacy
⇾ The Development of Social Welfare and Social Work in the U.S.

Relevant Projects

NR300: Natural Resources Measurements

⇾ January 2017 – April 2017
⇾ Presentation: May 2017
⇾ Our class was focused taking an inventory of approximately 150 acres of land that Raleigh purchased, while working with Raleigh Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources and WakeNature Preserves Partnership
⇾ My group was charged with identifying and illustrating areas throughout the property that could impact any future development
⇾ My group focused on any aesthetically pleasing areas, areas containing trash or other debris, as well as past and present land use.

Work Experience:

Program Associate, Rural Forward NC

⇾ August 2017 – Present
⇾ Attended meetings around the state to learn about the initiatives and programs in place to improve the health and overall quality of life for individuals living in rural areas.
⇾ Conducted background research for new programs to advance the planning and organizational processes.
⇾ Enhanced my professional, social, and self-awareness skills by fostering interpersonal relationships and connecting empathetically with others over important issues.

Owner, Professional and Lifestyle Blog

⇾ February 2017 – Present
⇾ Created and developed my own website, including a blog, in order to network more effectively and promote my work by putting it out into the world.
⇾ Refining my writing and communication skills, in both formal and informal capacities, to enhance my grammatical structure and argument formulation.
⇾ Stimulating my critical and intentional thinking abilities through fully exploring my thoughts on the world as a whole and the factors that contribute to the world from my perspective.
⇾ Utilizing this platform in order to positively transform my public speaking and creativity aptitudes.
⇾ Building a social media platform to connect with others with similar interests and passions, which enhances my communication skills and my ability to foster interpersonal connections.

Pre-Editor, BioResources Scholarly Journal

⇾ August 2015 – July 2017
⇾ Edited scholarly journal article submissions for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
⇾ Familiarized myself with leading research and findings in the pulp and paper field.
⇾ Learned valuable proofreading skills, communication skills, and editorial responsibility.

Activities and Professional Training

President, Allies for Students with Disabilities

⇾ January 2016 – Present
⇾ Previously: Outreach Committee Member, Vice President of Membership
⇾ Advance communication and time management skills through arranging public outreach projects and events.
Collaborate with the outreach committee to efficiently finish projects in a timely manner and regulate membership recruitment and retention.
⇾ Participated in the Lead the PACK: Promote Accessibility, Capability, and Knowledge workshop and the Faculty Accessibility Online Course videography.
⇾ Attended the Ed-ICT International Network Symposium in Seattle, Washington to learn about various models and frameworks that are developed and implemented in institutions to meet accessibility needs in order to gain an understanding of how to better serve students with disabilities.
⇾ Attended the Ed-ICT International Network Symposium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to learn about how different stakeholders can contribute and collaborate to ensure the accessibility of technology in institutions to students with disabilities.
⇾ Working in conjunction with the Gregg Museum of Art and Design to ensure the accessibility of their new facilities and promote community involvement.

Facilitator, National Coalition Building Institute

⇾ October 2016 – Present
⇾ Attended a three day workshop to be trained on how to facilitate the NCBI Prejudice Reduction Workshop and learn the NCBI Controversial Issue Process.
⇾ Learned how to lead pro-active workshops to improve the campus climate for diversity and how to teach how to shift prejudicial attitudes.

Staff Member, GLBT Advocate Program

⇾ January 2016 – Present
⇾ Attended educational workshops in order to further understand the evolving spectrum of gender and sexual orientations to become a Project SAFE Ally.