My Fall Internship: A Teaser

I know that I’ve been MIA, but I’m back with a new update: my fall internship!

If there’s one thing that I know for sure right now, it’s that this is definitely not where I expected my life to be at the end of last semester!

While I’ve gone through several major life transitions lately, I think that one of the more interesting ones would be the new internship that I have for the fall semester!

My Fall Internship

I’ve started an internship as a Program Associate with Rural Forward NC! Technically, I don’t actually start until August 24, but I’ve been to a few meetings so far to get an idea of what all the organization does.

I don’t have much to share so far because it has just begun, sadly. I did go to a meeting of a task force for behavioral health and learned a lot about how initiatives can be put into place. Additionally, I also went to an agency partners meeting and connected with some amazing people, such as a NC Senator!

Sitting with a Senator

At the agency partners meeting, I met NC Senator Angela Bryant. She spoke about a wide variety of updates from the NC General Assembly. As an intern, I learned a lot about the Medicaid reform and the raising of the juvenile justice age. One of the other big topics was about child welfare reform, which hit close to home after the Child Welfare class that I took over the summer. I am very excited to see what will be coming from the NC General Assembly soon!

Thank you, Senator Angela Bryant, for taking the time to talk to me! I look forward to speaking with you again soon! If you ever want to talk about accessibility needs, you have my card!

Meeting Senator Angela Bryant at a meeting for my internship
I never thought that I would be sitting next to an NC Senator known for her work promoting civil rights and equity!

Stay tuned for more updates in the future! I have no idea where this internship will take me, but I am so excited to find out!

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